Our Services

Focus Markets: Senior Living,
Multifamily, Commercial, and Residential


As owners, developers, and operators, we create value managing the vast details associated within the development process, using our team’s industry expertise, incorporating the necessary professionals to achieve our development goals.
A project’s success relies largely on the market surrounding it. Our team uses a trusted and reputable partners to perform necessary demand assessments, as well as performing our own research to verify the information provided to our investors. These reports allow our team to focus on certain markets that ensure we meet our goals and the goals of our investors.
After a market and facility size have been identified, our team goes to work vetting through multiple options for the proposed development. Verifying utility availability, zoning requirements, and land use covenants are just a few highlighted items our team dives deep on to fully understand what the site has to offer. From there, our team will negotiate with landowners or brokers to guarantee the best site for the best price.
With a licensed CPA on staff, we can look at proposed developments financial data and return metrics in great detail using a robust modeling system that forecasts project costs, debt amortization schedules, operating income, and operating expenses. This data allows us to work with our financial partners to secure the necessary capital for project financing.
Through multiple design packages for various projects, our team has vetted through and selected a core design team comprised of local professional firms. This allows us to leverage resources, lower overall risk, and find multiple efficiencies that leads to savings on overall project costs and enables our team to better manage the project design.
The job isn’t complete when it hits the construction phase. We will ensure that communication is kept between all the necessary parties involved, which leads to projects being complete on time and on budget. Our team will also assist with any final walkthroughs needed by governing entities and track punch lists items with the general contractor. This process allows smooth transition to the operations team.


Without money, you only have dreams. We have the experience to provide capital placement services, no matter the complexity. We also have the relationships to provide creative financing solutions and incentives to help maximize returns.

Through efforts from our finance team, we have built lasting relationships with various commercial lenders that allows us to move through the underwriting process at an increased pace. Having a trusted banker in our corner further helps us analyze a development and find the best solution for debt placement.

In the world of real estate development, having the ability to raise private equity is key. Our finance team can coordinate and manage all the necessary documents and agreements to raise private equity. We have also built relationships with firms that specialize in raising these types of funds, which enables our team to provide capital services for developments of all sizes.

Having the know-how to research and leverage incentives only boosts returns for investors. We focus on available incentives on a market-by-market basis as each development has its own unique characteristics, and work hand in hand with the community leaders to educate and guide them through the process. Tax increment financing, tax discretionary incentives, land donations, and state/federal grant programs are all incentives our team pushes for on every development to produce the best return.


Through our Building Services team, we employ skilled managers and site superintendents to delivery projects on time and on budget. Working directly with our Development team, we are able to accurately design and bid projects with the expertise to manage the construction process. 

We have the know how to take the development from the initial permitting through obtaining a certificate of occupancy. We provide onsite superintendents to manage and track progress to avoid cost overruns and missed deadlines. Quality, safety, and timelines are our top priorities.

A lot of details are vetted through before getting to the construction phase of a development. This is why our development and building services team work together on a daily basis. Whether its cost analysis, value engineering recommendations, preconstruction schedule creation, or design input we have the internal staff to assist with the pre-construction phase of each development.


Keeping a close eye on your investment in crucial to a successful return, which is why we have our own management team in-house. Whether it’s providing the day-to-day requirement to operate the facility or providing our internal support service departments, we can keep all aspects under the same roof.


HME Care is a subsidiary of HME Companies that was created to provide specialized, high-quality care to our senior living communities. We utilize industry leading software to manage and serve these markets while providing quality care for your loved ones.

HME Properties is our property management service that provides for our multifamily and commercial properties. With the support of an reputable, innovative management platform we are able to provide quality service to our tenants.


Our in-house marketing team has the expertise to create impactful marketing campaigns for our focus markets. From designing investor memorandums for senior living to developing and executing digital media campaigns for luxury apartments, our team of marketers creates fully integrated campaigns that spark curiosity and welcome interaction.

Our financing staff cover an array of services, both externally and internally. Financial analysis, risk management, financial and tax planning, and asset management are just a few of the services that help keep our facilities and departments running efficiently.

Our in-house legal team is able to draft, review, and approve the various agreements needed for our divisions.  Our HR staff assists in the day-to-day HR needs of our divisions and ensures a smooth onboarding process for employees.